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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Space 1889 & Beyond

Untreed Reads Publishing is releasing a series of eBooks based on Frank Chadwick's legendary 1988 steampunk role playing game, Space: 1889.
The first book in the series, Journey to the Heart of Luna by Andy Frankham-Allen, is available now.
You can find out all about it at the Space 1889 & Beyond Facebook page. -or follow Andy Frankham-Allen on Twitter.
Take a peek at the first two covers. Art by yours truly, cover design work by Steve Upham, original HMS Sovereign design by Andrew Orton.


  1. Very nice! Though I designed the ship in the first picture...

  2. Hi Andrew.
    Did you?! Well done, it's a lovely design.
    I was collaborating with a fellow Who fan and didn't even know it.
    I'll edit the post to give credit.