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Friday, February 25, 2011

My new prize possession

The postcard I designed for Gallifrey One signed by the Fifth Doctor himself, Peter Davison!
Just wow!
I wanted to get him to sign it, but I didn't understand how the autograph procedure at Gally worked, until it was to late. I missed my chance.
Steve, from the TARDIS Tavern podcast, came to the rescue and got it signed for me. What a great guy.
Thanks so very much Steve!
If you aren't familiar with Sean and Steve, check out their hilarious Doctor Who podcast; The TARDIS Tavern, HERE

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Exiled to Earth

digital art - Done by request of and featured in the Doctor Who fanzine Rassilon's Rod.
- check it out!
click on picture for a 16x9 desktop wallpaper version.

Rassilon's Rod Issue 3
is now available to buy! You lucky people!

Christmas Carol assessed
The Third Doctor
Matrix Data Wank - your queries answered by Salateen and Chellak
Opening Nights - what makes a good first episode
Reconstructed - fan recons and The Web Of Fear
The Krotons part 3
Philip Hinchcliffe's Production Notes
plus toons and daft gubbins

20 pages, A4
'Gift' £1.50 by paypal to

'Gift' £3 by paypal to