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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gallifrey One Postcard

Ink wash on 140 lb. cold press Watercolor paper -colorized by computer
(logo copyright Gallifrey One)

This year I had the honor of designing a postcard for Gallifrey One's Catch22: Islands of Mystery Doctor Who convention. -and I'm not being modest when I call it an honor, It's one of the most high profile venues for Doctor Who fan art around.
It's mind boggling to imagine thousands of copies of my art, printed out in high quality, and in the hands of Doctor Who fans all around the world.

I also just found out that I'll actually be able to attend this year's (2011) convention.
See you there!

Gallifrey One's Catch22: Islands of Mystery website or #gally on twitter


  1. I was gonna buy your comic, but it says they need a check or money order... That's why I have a debit card, man! Is this the internet or wtf? lol

  2. I'm not totally sure how all that works.
    If you have a debit card you can get a free PayPal account. PayPal is what IndyPlanet prefers I think.
    I've had my PayPal account for years so I don't really remember if it's a hassle or what. I don't think it was.
    It comes in handy for ordering these type of things, indy-comics, fanzines, ebay stuff.
    Anyway, thanks for the vote of confidence even if you can't order one. :)

  3. Oh I'm down with Pp. But IndyP says check or money order is the only available method of payment for this item. I poked around but didn't see any Pp reference.

  4. OK. I looked into it. There is not only supposed to be a Paypal option, but they also accept the more popular credit cards.
    It turns out that it was just out temporarily, accidentally(?) turned off while they where working on their site.
    Anyway it's all fixed now.

  5. I suspected something was awry. But soon I shall have your comic. Congrats on the postcard! Looks good and a good concept, too.